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This jump of me is for all people who were sharing with me all those days of #catalunyaexperiencetrip : @croyable @thomas_k @hirozzzz @barrut @misshedwig @hypoison @dutchie68 @hypoison and @ejota_seventyeight a nice people, i've learn a lot of each one , and a piece of my heart is for all you forever heart My eternal thanks to @catalunyaexperience ACT @igerscatalonia chosing me for this trip, a really nice experencience, @mery_tweety @martaar @queraltamella and Miquel for believe in me all my love for us heart Thanks to the camera men @carlitusways, Felix and @xelson a really nice people heart Thanks to the driver woman Thanks to all places where we went heart thanks to all my followers because without us i'm not nothing.heartheartheart Today is a nice day to remember all things of this travel, i miss you to all THANK YOU (image: me jumping , shot by @barrut, editing by me)

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