The stories you have to
experience in Catalonia

Carla Simón

by Carla Simón

Carlos Grau

The voice of innovation
by Carlos Grau

Mago Pop

Be thrilled in every step
by Mago Pop

Ricky Rubio

by Ricky Rubio

Gerard Piqué

Do you accept the challenge?
by Gerard Piqué

Oliver Astrologo

Catalonia in four minutes
by Oliver Astrologo

Cristina Villanueva

El Montseny, 100% nature
by Cristina Villanueva

Mónica Naranjo

Mónica Naranjo’s l’Empordà
by Mónica Naranjo

Manel Esteller

Catalonia; take care of yourself
by Manel Esteller

Benedetta Tagliabue

Catalonia, come and GET INSPIRED
by Benedetta Tagliabue

Ivana Miño

Catalunya Experience
by Ivana Miño

Robert Englund

Freddy Krueger visits Catalonia
by Robert Englund

Cesc Gay

Catalonia is your home
by Cesc Gay

Mavi Villatoro

Vall de Boí with the family
by Mavi Villatoro

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Catalonia from above
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Trip of Two

10 places to visit in Catalonia
by Trip of Two

Eelco Roos

Interview Eelco Roos
by Eelco Roos

JD Andrews

A Video Tour of Catalonia
by JD Andrews

Michael Turtle

Nuria Valley, a paradise in the Pyrenees
by Michael Turtle

Hervé Bois

The colors of Catalonia
by Hervé Bois

Juanjo Fuster

Skies with no filters
by Juanjo Fuster

Susanna Ginesta

Exploring Catalonia
by Susanna Ginesta

Hiroaki Fukuda

Feeling every nook and cranny of our country
by Hiroaki Fukuda

Trevor Hawkins

Walking around Alt Empordà & Garrotxa
by Trevor Hawkins

Allan Edward Hinton

Adventures at Pallars Jussà and Noguera
by Allan Edward Hinton

Sylvia Matzkowiak

The beauty of small details
by Sylvia Matzkowiak

Albert Barrut

Portraits of stories
by Albert Barrut

Nicanor García

Shapes of Barcelona
by Nicanor García


Flying High over the Pyrenees
by theplanetd

Thomas Kakareko

A play of light and shadow
by Thomas Kakareko