Be thrilled in every step

by Mago Pop

Do you want to know one of its secrets?

Catalonia has magical landscapes and hidden-away places that have inspired Antonio Díaz, El Mago Pop, to invent some of his most thrilling tricks. Discovering them is an astonishing and exciting journey!


Antonio Díaz | El Mago Pop

Born in Badia del Vallès, Barcelona, Antonio Díaz still remembers, when he was only four, when a friend of the family plucked a coin out of his own ear. That was where it all started: it was the spark that thrilled him and awakened his interest, a unique feeling that he also feels as he walks through some of his favourite landscapes that bring back childhood memories. Magical places that have inspired him throughout his career to become the world's most successful illusionist with the highest box-office sales last year. His latest show is thrilling millions of people, but this time he will do it differently ... by travelling with us around Catalonia.

Visiting Catalonia is the start...

... of a never-ending story. Because when you visit this land, something inside you awakens. Something you will remember forever. Be inspired by its sea, its mountains and its hidden corners. Explore its towns, connect with its traditions and admire its creations. Let it sweep you away and remember, some journeys never end. They are the ones you experience on the inside.

And you, how do you want to experience Catalonia?

Experience Catalonia!

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Be thrilled in every step

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