Chris Ozer |

Chris Ozer is a photographer and Instagramer from New York.

He discovered his passion for photography when he started taking pictures with his phone, and he hasn’t stopped since. His passion has grown so much that he has turned his hobby into his current profession.

Instagram has been the main platform to spread his work, which has taken him to appear on Forbes, Tech Insider, The NY Times, The Daily, etc.

His pictures focus on his every day life, with his family and friends, which makes his image collection a beautiful gallery full of unforgettable moments.

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Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Chris Ozer

Fairy-tale forests and places

Valleys, 2.000m mountains, infinite woods… Val d’Aran is a place to get lost, to find yourself and to feel the nature fills you with life. Chris shares with us the days he spent in the Catalan Pyrenees through his photography.

An image gallery full of air, wilderness, silence, colors, and life. A chain of wonderful moments shared with his friends captured beautifully to be, now, shared with us.

Want to get lost at Val d’Aran with Chris?


The rural silence

During the secod InstagramTrip organized by the Catalan Tourist Board, Chris had the chance to discover Terres de l’Ebre in the south of Catalonia.

With his photographs he captured the esence of the rural side of our country: the peacefulness, the warmth, the tradition and the slow-life.

During his trip he took pictures from the different scenes of the area: from the quietness of the landscapes, to the traditions and their deepness. Through his work he shares with us a very intimate and beautiful view of the rural life of the Catalan towns.

Enjoy the silence in his images!

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