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Laurel Robins is the blogger behind "Monkeys and mountains", a space dedicated to adventure travels which has received countless awards and recognitions.

Diving among hundreds of sharks near Costa Rica, reaching more than 5,000 meters on Everest or kayaking in an unknown archipelago of Finland, are just some of the feats that this adventurous girl tells us about.

Her blog is really the ideal place for those who love nature and adrenaline. In her blog, Laurel shares practical tutorials on different types of tours and activities, routes that reveal magical places, which inspire and encourage us to start our own adventures.

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Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Laurel Robins

The beauty of the remote places

If a Canadian, growing near the Rocky Mountains, is completely fascinated by Nuria Valley, it can only mean that the magnitude of the beauty of this magnificent area of the Catalan Pyrenees is really astonishing.

“I knew I would like The Vall de Núria (Valley of Núria in English) as soon as I heard that the only way to get there was by rack railway or by foot. No roads=bliss/joy/nature (take your pick of adjectives). What I didn’t realize was how much I would like it.

The Vall de Núria is stunning! And this is coming from a girl who grew up near the Rocky Mountains in Canada, so believe me, I know my mountains!”

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In love with Girona

Laurel is in love with Girona. Just within two years she has visited the region five times. And that’s because this area is full of amazing places, so mesmerizing you can’t avoid loving it.

“It’s one of those places that keeps drawing you back. Located just 100km from Barcelona, it’s an easy train ride and has a completely different feel than Barcelona. (…) You can easily spend hours getting lost in the cobblestone streets, wandering from one cafe to another, sampling some of its famous Jamón ibérico (Iberian ham) which is always one of my favorite things to do regardless of where I am in Catalonia.”

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Noguera Pallaresa, only for the brave

Have you ever done rafting before? Laurel tells us her fun adventure descending the river Noguera Pallaresa.

“And a second later, I found myself somersaulting out of the raft and into the water gasping for air as I pulled myself to the surface above the rapids. The water came up to my waist, but was very powerful – as rapids tend to be!   I could hear voices and not the usual ones in my head – I kid, well mostly…but couldn’t make out any words. The rapids were too loud. I wasn’t swimming, just dragging along the bottom of the river bed, knees seeming to catch every sharp rock along the way. Over the crush of the waves I saw a yellow burst of color, aka a paddle!”

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The secrets of the Catalan rices

A good rice with fine Catalan wines in an incredible natural setting. In this article, Laurel shares the experience of how to cook a good Catalan paella outdoors with the chef Joan Marce Gonzalez.

“At the risk of being hunted down, I am sharing Catalonian chef Joan Marce Gonzalez secret to perfecting a paella – Catalonian style. Note to all chefs – you can’t expect to share your secrets with a bunch of travel bloggers and have them kept as secrets. Or secrets about Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Better make that any secret. Travel bloggers are notoriously bad secret keepers. But I digress. Back to Joan Marce Gonzalez. He is also the same chef that also prepared our calcots at our Catalonian Gastronomical Event.”

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