Oliver Astrologo |

Oliver is an Italian digital director and photographer.

He’s been working in digital communication for 16 years and for some time now has been a real specialist in creating thematic travel videos.

In video Oliver has found the ideal format to channel his creativity and connect with others through emotions. In fact, the latter is the main purpose of his work: to excite the viewer.

His pieces show each of his trips in a very approachable and personal way. This makes it possible for a few minutes to take the audience to the destination and allow them to experience its landscapes, come into contact with its traditions and discover its architecture in a very unusual way.

Social media have become an important channel for publicising his work. On Instagram alone he has thousands of followers who are captivated by his passion for travel.

In his latest project he shows us a Catalonia tinged with Mediterranean blues and the greens of nature; a Catalonia crammed with spellbinding buildings and traditions that remain very much alive. Would you like to see it? Go to Catalonia with Oliver Astrologo.

Catalonia in four minutes

As soon as Oliver set foot in Catalonia, he knew he had found a place he would not want to leave. That’s because Catalonia is more than just alluring Barcelona. Catalonia is the sea, it is mountains, it is tradition, it is architecture, it is art and cuisine.

Over four minutes Oliver invites us to travel across Catalonia through our senses: we dive into the Mediterranean, climb in Siurana, go into Gaudí’s buildings and join forces in a traditional “castell” or human tower.

Oliver Astrologo invites you to travel through Catalonia; want to give it a go?


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