Maria del Mar Bonet | Singer-songwriter

Maria del Mar Bonet is one of the most international female voices on the Catalan scene.

She was born in Palma de Mallorca but in 1966 she moved to Barcelona to combine ceramics studies with music. There she became a member of the Sixteen Judges, forming part of the New Song movement and making her first records.

Starting in 1970 she began to perform in numerous cities around Europe and North Africa, the United States, Cuba, South America, Japan, etc. as well as at festivals in Athens, Istanbul and Edinburgh where she was recognised as one of the finest voices in Europe.

The Mediterranean has always been the point of reference for her personal and artistic life and she sees it as her source of inspiration. Maria del Mar uses it to compose her own songs, blending the popular roots of the towns and villages along the Mediterranean shoreline where she has sung during the almost fifty years of her outstanding artistic career.

Her recordings and her taste for beauty and poetry are flawless. Plus she also has the privilege only available to a select few of going from decade to decade knowing that they are loved and respected.

Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Maria del Mar Bonet

Catalonia; take care of yourself and take care of it

“Catalonia has boundless cultural wealth. Right from when I started out as an artist, Catalonia has given me the pathway, the tools, the inspiration… “
Music is a landscape, and each place has its music. Cities have music; they have a rhythm, they have vibration and sounds all the time. The sea has amazing music, along with the wind, fire, or how it rains, which is an orchestra, a song.

Catalonia; take care of yourself! #Cuida-la!

#Take care of it

“I think that taking care of the culture of a people means taking care of its roots, growing them.”
“We are lucky to live in an exceptional place; taking care of the environment means taking care of ourselves.”
“The land and its scenery are a temporary loan and we have a profound responsibility to know that we have borrowed them”

Strolling around, breathing, enjoying and sharing this unique landscape that is Catalonia is also a way of taking care of ourselves. Everything is part of a great soul: the landscape, culture, architecture, music and so on. We have to keep it alive.
Catalonia; take care of yourself! #Take care of it

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