René Barbier | Winemaker and wine producer

René Barbier is a Catalan winemaker and wine producer of French origin.

A direct descendant of a French family of winemakers who can be traced back to 1200, just like his ancestors he has spent his life working in the wine world.

He trained at the leading winemaking schools in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Limoux and his experience in the world of wine includes viticulture, marketing and making his own wines.

He is seen as a visionary who revolutionised El Priorat wines in the 1970s. René is the creator of Clos Mogador, Manyetes, Nelin white wine and Espectacle del Montsant. With this latter wine he reached a turning point in his career, picking up several awards and becoming someone who sets the standard for wine lovers.

René believes that the identity of a wine is a reflection of its natural and human surroundings. This makes El Priorat into the perfect setting owing to the features of its land, tradition, climate and biodiversity which bring a unique heritage to Catalan wines.

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Discover Catalonia through the eyes of René Barbier

Catalonia; take care of yourself and take care of it

Catalonia is a rich and generous land that communicates with us through its nature: “When the vineyard is happy, the landscape is happy, pleasant and deep and conveys wellbeing.”
The land gives us everything, but it does not belong to us. The land is from the Earth and we need to see it as something precious on loan to us which we have to respect, pamper and treat with enormous care in order to preserve its wonderful essence and identity.

Catalonia, take care of yourself! #Take care of it!

#Take care of it

“I think that taking care of the culture of a people means taking care of its roots, growing them.”
“We are lucky to live in an exceptional place; taking care of the environment means taking care of ourselves.”
“The land and its scenery are a temporary loan and we have a profound responsibility to know that we have borrowed them”

Strolling around, breathing, enjoying and sharing this unique landscape that is Catalonia is also a way of taking care of ourselves. Everything is part of a great soul: the landscape, culture, architecture, music and so on. We have to keep it alive.
Catalonia; take care of yourself! #Take care of it

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