Do you accept the challenge?

by Gerard Piqué


Gerard Piqué invites us to visit Catalonia at least once in our lives.

Do you accept the challenge?




Gerard Piqué | Footballer

Piqué has been passionate about football from a very young age. Gerard Piqué was born in Barcelona on 2 February 1987 and just a few days later, his grandfather, the then vice-president of FC Barcelona, signed him up as a member of the club.

That moment was the beginning of his career in professional football. After playing for Manchester United and Real Zaragoza, in 2008 he returned to Barça, the team where he has been playing ever since. His great technique and dedication have made him one of the best defenders in the world.

The player, who has always shown his love for his homeland, tells us what Catalonia has meant in his life and encourages us all to visit.

Catalonia, a land of tradition and modernity

In Catalonia we look to the future, knowing that we have grown rooted to the earth, and between towns and cities, we have created an indivisible union with which we have built the Catalonia we are, a sum of essential elements that make up a great team.

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Do you accept the challenge?

Do you accept the challenge?



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