by Ricky Rubio

How does Ricky Rubio feel when he goes back home?

In Catalonia he discovered that you can feel more alive every day if you are in the place that inspires you.


Ricky Rubio | Basketball player

Effort is the key to experiencing each unique moment. Ever since Ricky Rubio learned that lesson, he has enjoyed each victory more passionately. A lesson he learned in Catalonia when he was little and that he always carries with him.

Ricky Rubio was born near the sea, in El Masnou, on 21st October 1990. His career has been intense and full of promises made good. He developed quickly, won everything and made the leap to the NBA, as predicted. But that was when he started facing defeats. He vowed to turn this plot twist into an opportunity to be even better, without losing hope.

Visiting Catalonia is the start...

... of a never-ending story. Because when you visit this land, something inside you awakens. Something you will remember forever. Be inspired by its sea, its mountains and its hidden corners. Explore its towns, connect with its traditions and admire its creations. Let it sweep you away and remember, some journeys never end. They are the ones you experience on the inside.

And you, how do you want to experience Catalonia?

Experience Catalonia!

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