A play of light and shadow

Special corners, spontaneous moments and light tricks… This is what you’ll find in the photographs Thomas Kakareko captured during his InstagramTrip in Catalonia: “A Mediterranean Story” organized by the Catalan Tourist Board.

A compilation of images that have been captured by him, from the very heart of the city of Barcelona to the amazing sceneries of the tiniest towns in Catalonia.

Don’t miss the chance to discover the magic of the details that Thomas has beautifully immortalized, to share it with you from what’s around us everywhere.

Image gallery

Parc Güell // #catalunyaexperiencetrip
Barcelona as seen from the helicopter
View on Barcelona from Parc Güell // @catalunyaexperience
From yesterdays sunrise in the mountains // @catalunyaexperience
Streets of Montblanc // @catalunyaexperience
Seaside with @croyable
On top of the mountain with @misshedwig
Another day, another sunrise // Taken at Ermita de l'Abellera
Wonderful city of Tortosa // @catalunyaexperience
Catching todays sunrise in Tortosa with @croyable , @hirozzzz and @justhanni
Time to leave Barcelona // Many thanks to our wonderful team and to everybody who was involved in @catalunyaexperience You guys are the best :)
Barcelona Series

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