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Rob Withworth is a popular English director, known for his flow motion videos.

Rob takes time-lapse beyond its limits, and is able to transmit the vitality of places he captures and he manages to make his audience live an incredible experience through his images.

His works are instantly recognisable as his, incorporating creative twists and astonishing perspectives. One of his most interesting pieces is a video of an original tour in Barcelona which he produced for the Catalan Tourist Board; the video has led him to win several awards. Hence, he's been chosen as Staff Pick at VIMEO and Gold prize winner at Timelapse Showfest.

Take a seat and get ready to be amazed!

Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Rob WithWorth

Barcelona, a game of perspectives

Rob Whitworth share with us, a completely, new perspective of the city of Barcelona through his film.

More than 26.000 pictures beautifully gathered together to show us the peculiar streets of Gòtic and Raval quarters as well as the most symbolic cultural heritage of the city such as the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Sagrada Família or the Palau de la Música.

Discover Barcelona through Rob’s eyes

Interview Rob Withworth

1. What did attract you to accept the proposal to come and visit Catalonia
Not the worst email to receive 🙂 The chance to visit and shot such a beautiful part of the world is not one you turn down.

Rob WithWorth

It was really magical watching the gothic quarter light up with spectacular views all around.

2. How and when did you start to use Instagram/to make videos from your trips / to write about them…?
My first travel video went viral after being launched on Vimeo in 2011. It had been a longstanding goal to get a million plays but I wasn’t expecting my first video to do this.
I had spent a year living and traveling around Vietnam trying out new filming ideas and shooting the beautiful landscape.

3. Do/es Instagram/your blog/ your videos have changed the way you travel?
Creating videos has become the reason for travel. A considerable amount of work goes into the shooting, location scouting, post production so trips are very much geared around the creation of a video rather than free spirited travel. It has allowed me to visit and see some amazing things along the way.

4. Tell us one thing that you will never forget from your visit to Catalonia
One evening somewhere in the middle of filming I was shooting night falling over Barcelona as seen from the top of Santa Maria Del Pi, was really magical watching the gothic quarter light up with spectacular views all around.

5. Can you briefly describe in 140 characters the places you have visited (Barcelona, Costa Brava, Pyreness…)?
Just Barcelona.

My first travel video went viral after being launched on Vimeo.

6. Which is the best advice you have received?
‘Get on with it’

7. What does travelling mean to you?
Escaping your comfort zone, leaving familiar things behind is both liberating and inspiring. Would be a shame to miss out.


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