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Abigail is an English writer and photographer who changed her career in medicine for a life on the road.

Her blog “Inside the Travel Lab” is specialized in travel and has several international awards that place her as an authentic blogger reference in the sector.

“Inside the Travel Lab” is a call to discover the world, to know its colours, its spices, its secrets, and make the most out of each moment when travelling.

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Barcelona, the city of Gaudí

In this article, Abigail reveals Gaudí’s modernist Barcelona.

From the peculiar towers of the Sagrada Familia, to the rooftop chimneys of La Pedrera, or the famous Dragon fountain at Park Güell. Gaudi’s work defines Barcelona and Abigail tells us why sparing no detail.

“When it comes to Gaudi, Barcelona is the place to start.
When it comes to Barcelona, Gaudi’s impact never ends.”

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El Celler de Can Roca from within

The worlds of savoury, sweet and wine coexist in perfect harmony in the Celler de Can Roca. Jordi, Josep and Joan work with an exquisite synergy that has led them to place the Celler as one of the best restaurants in the world.

Abigail tells us her experience and lets us discover some of the secrets of the innovative approach of the Roca brothers.

Surfaces gleam. Brows look furrowed, but not too much. Chalk scribbles across the blackboard and the flames burn dutifully behind black, rectangular ovens. The air fills with the sound of action but the scent of what’s cooking doesn’t suffocate the air.

Discover inside the Celler de Can Roca with Abigail!


Gracia’s Party, fun between papier mache

During the month of August, the Gracia district of Barcelona becomes a real party plenty of streets decorated with papier-mâché, lots of colours and live performances.

Abigail could not visit Barcelona without living the Gracia’s Party and share it on her blog.

“It’s not every day that a quiet walk through hot narrow streets leaves you tumbling into your own Alice in Wonderland world. With giant playing cards falling from the sky, rabbits in hats and towering blue caterpillars looming overhead, it takes the vision of Alice herself to help make the madness make sense.”

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