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Michael Turtle is an Australian blogger and an inexhaustible traveller.

At age 30 he felt the need to turn his life around, so he quit his job as a television reporter to travel around the world.

His blog is much more than just a travel guide, it is a platform to share his experiences and what he has learned about new countries and cultures.

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Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Michael Turtle

La Vall de Núria, un paraíso en los Pirineos

There are few places that cannot be accessed by car, and the Vall de Nuria is one of them. A paradise in the heart of the Pyrenees, where disconnect from the world and enjoy the calm of nature.

Michael Turtle tells everything you need to know if you decide to escape the routine and get lost among lakes, forests and mountains.

Do not miss out!


The Boqueria Market, a multisensory experience

Strolling among scents, colours, flavours and textures, The Boqueria Market is a multi-sensory experience, a labyrinth to get lost and enjoy with the five senses.

“There are hundreds of stalls here, selling fish, meat, cheese, fruit vegetables and more. Occasionally one jumps out at me – the shop selling snails, or the vibrant colours of the lollies.”

Michael Turtle shows us what it feels like when delving into the Boqueria market in Barcelona.

Let’s travel there through his pictures!


Cycling in La Garrotxa

Often we miss the beauty of small details by going too fast. On our way, true wonders go unnoticed; we cannot even perceive them because we are going around the world in a hurry, with no time.

Michael Turtle is capable of doing exactly the opposite, walking slow and look at every tiny detail to enjoy it and share it with other people.

During his stay in the Pyrenees, he decided to ride a bike around the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa, to not miss a single element of nature and the colourful landscape around.

“The gentle hum of the bike’s electric motor and the whishing of the turning wheels capture perfectly the Pyrenees region of Catalonia. It’s quiet and peaceful but not in a way that should be mistaken for inactivity. There’s always something happening.”

Do not tell us you do not have time to find it out!


The recipe of the perfect Gin and Tonic

Are you a Gin and Tonic lover?

During his stay in Catalonia, Michael Turtle stepped into the best bars and clubs to show us the secrets of the perfect gin and tonic.

“I call it a ‘gin and tonic’. The Spanish call it a ‘gin tonic’. Who needs conjunctions when they taste so good?”

The ice, the gin, the tonic, the glass … Discover the key to make the best gin and tonic ever with Michael!


The Inspiration of Salvador Dalí

The unique landscape of the Costa Brava is the main source of inspiration for the surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí.

A walk along the paths of Ronda with blue sea background and whimsical shapes of the coast, are enough to experience the sensations Salvador Dalí lived when creating his works.

In this article, Michael Turtle shows us the area deeply, analyzing every detail and relating it to the Dalí creations.

“Rocks like animals, trees like people, perhaps even clouds like melting clocks? Dali grew up in this region and as a child he would spend time along the coast. Impressions as a child led him not to become an impressionist but a surrealist. Surreal impressions? More likely surreal interpretations of these natural surroundings.”

Discover the Costa Brava, the inspiration of Salvador Dali!


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