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Dalene and Peter are both travellers, Canadian and inseparable. They love coming across new places and going where very few have been yet.
In 2009 they got rid of their old life to travel the world and share it with their blog, Hecktic Travels.

Often Dalene is in charge of filming their adventures, whereas Peter hunts the best pictures.

They have been fortunate enough to experience wonderful places, how about coming along to discover them?

Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Dalene & Peter Heck

The Pyrennees in images

This time, Peter visited the Pyrenees without his traveling companion Dalene.
Since she is responsible for narrating the adventures on the blog, Peter decided he would let his camera tell the tale and reveal all the details of his trip to the Pyrenees.

A careful selection of photographs tells us how the Catalan Pyrenees are through their traditional dishes, its landscapes and its people.

“Over the course of four days I would be served some of the best local food from the region, be shown some incredible sights, and experience Catalonian hospitality at its finest.”

Meet the Pyrenees through Peter’s pictures!

Girona is pure romance

Dalene and Peter always travel together. Both they form an inseparable tandem when traveling. For this reason, when Dalene knew that Peter would not join her during her trip to Girona, she felt a little dizzy.

However, upon reaching the city, she felt at home from the begining. She discovered that Girona was the perfect place to travel alone, find inspiration and find herself between streets and medieval walls.

“Luminous and colorful, perched on a hillside with medieval walls, small but chock-full of amenities – Girona appears the perfect city for people who don’t like cities.”

Enjoy Girona with Dalene!


Girona, Temps de Flors

Dalene and Peter visited Girona during the “Girona Temps de Flors” festival, one of the most special times of the year in which the city is transformed into a flower-filled and colorful stage.

“We were right over top of Sant Feliu Basilica, the stairs of which would host the opening performance that very evening and a DJ’d dance party every evening after.”

Meet a very special Girona!


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