Albert i Dennis |

Albert and Dennis are specialists in capturing aerial images. Through their joint project, Aeroshots, they have shot numerous videos from the sky.

It's amazing how familiar places and spaces acquire a halo of depth and sheer immensity when viewed from the above.

In their videos they fly over mountains, seas, fields and endless landscapes, achieving such a sense of immersion feeling as if you were flying with them.

Fancy flying with Albert and Dennis?

Our own South

“Our own South” is the video made by Albert & Dennis framing southern Catalonia from above.

A truly spectacular job where you can enjoy the incredible aerial view of the wild nature of the area and its protagonists.

Albert & Dennis not only show the immensity of the landscape and environment around us, but life in them. In this way, their video talks about fishing, agriculture, local traditions, Castellers, people who live every day in these wonderful spaces that gather with their cameras.

Discover the southern Catalonia bird’s eye view!

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