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Dave and Deb are the bold Canadian couple behind “ThePlanetD” blog.
The lovely team consists of a photographer and a writer, constituting a beautiful tandem, perfect to introduce us into the adventure of travelling.

They live by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone". They tag the locations of their posts, to share their passion for travelling; encouraging readers to dream and to travel around the world.

In their blog you’ll find lots of posts about their experiences as well as useful tips for any kind of travel: adventure, culture, relaxation, luxury...

Due to their success, ThePlanetD has collaborated with different media platforms such as TV, radio and press, and have been awarded with SATW (Society of American Travel Writer's) Travel Blog of the Year.

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Discover Catalonia through the eyes of theplanetd

Flying High over the Pyrenees

Dave & Deb enjoyed the Pyrenees wildly! The Catalan Pyrenees offer a vast variety of options to make the most of your holidays, no matter what you are looking for: relaxing times, adventures, sightseeing or family activities.

Dave & Deb, adventure lovers as they are, decided to reach Pyrenees peaks the fun way, by jumping on a Hot Air Balloon trip.

“The interesting thing about hot air balloon–ing is the takeoff. You are filled with anxiety as you wonder what the flight will feel like, but before you know it, you are already in the air and floating high into the sky. It’s calm and smooth and you don’t even notice that you’ve taken off until you are over the tree line. Hot air ballooning is the most relaxing adventure you’ll ever take.”

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Saturn’s Rings from Catalonia

During their trip to Catalonia, Dave&Deb didn’t want to miss the chance to visit the Astronomy Park of Montsec, an observatory that due to its location in the Pirenees counts with some exceptional conditions to explore the Universe.

In their article, they share with us how amazing their experience was:

Through the lens Saturn glowed brightly, piercing through the black night sky. I could clearly see the rings floating around the planet and I was mesmerized by the sight. I had seen pictures and drawings before, but this was the real deal. It felt as if I could reach out and touch them. I couldn’t believe how clear the rings were right before my eyes!

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Interview ThePlanetD

1. What did attract you to accept the proposal to come and visit Catalonia
We had visited Barcelona once before but we wanted to explore more of the region. Particularly the Pyrenees and coast.

2. How and when did you start to use Instagram/to make videos from your trips / to write about them…?
We actually weren’t huge on Instagram when we visited Catalonia but it was there that we were inspired to use it more. It is such a visual medium and Catalonia is so beautiful, we found it the perfect way to share our travel experiences from the region. Since then it is one of our most engaged social media followings. We share images of landscapes, wildlife, culture and architecture and we feel that Instagram is a perfect fit for travel. We have been inspired to visit a place based solely on a photograph and Instagram can really inspire wanderlust.

3. Do/es Instagram/your blog/ your videos have changed the way you travel?
Definitely. We started traveling in 2000 when there wasn’t social media or (many) blogs. We were completely disconnected and had to wait until we came home to share our experiences with our friends and family. We always took a lot of photos, shot videos and wrote stories in long emails to our friends and families, but nothing was immediate. When we came home, we found it difficult to convey the excitement and in the moment feelings we had while traveling. Now we can show people what it is like in real time and convey how we are feeling at the time.

Pyrenees - ThePlanetD

4. Tell us one thing that you will never forget from your visit to Catalonia
Ooh, there are so many things, the Pyrenees, the nightlife of Barcelona, the wine…it’s endless. But the one thing that sticks out the most for us was our first F1 Race at Circuit de Catalunya. We have watched it on TV, but to be there in person was a real thrill.

Sometimes the best travel experiences come out of an unplanned moment.

5. Can you briefly describe in 140 characters the places you have visited (Barcelona, Costa Brava, Pyreness…)?
Catalunya is the perfect all around destination. With beaches, mountains, city life and culture, it has something for everyone.

Catalunya is the perfect all around destination. With beaches, mountains, city life and culture, it has something for everyone.

6. Which is the best advice you have received?
Be flexible. You may have a set itinerary in mind, but when things change, roll with it. Sometimes the best travel experiences come out of an unplanned moment.


7. What does travelling mean to you?
Traveling is the best education. It’s about learning and understanding the world. It breaks down barriers and prejudice and shows everyone that people are more similar than they think. We have made some of the best friends traveling and have cherished each experience.

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