Flying High over the Pyrenees

Dave & Deb enjoyed the Pyrenees wildly! The Catalan Pyrenees offer a vast variety of options to make the most of your holidays, no matter what you are looking for: relaxing times, adventures, sightseeing or family activities.

Dave & Deb, adventure lovers as they are, decided to reach Pyrenees peaks the fun way, by jumping on a Hot Air Balloon trip.

“The interesting thing about hot air balloon–ing is the takeoff. You are filled with anxiety as you wonder what the flight will feel like, but before you know it, you are already in the air and floating high into the sky. It’s calm and smooth and you don’t even notice that you’ve taken off until you are over the tree line. Hot air ballooning is the most relaxing adventure you’ll ever take.”

Check out their brave story!


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