The Inspiration of Salvador Dalí

The unique landscape of the Costa Brava is the main source of inspiration for the surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí.

A walk along the paths of Ronda with blue sea background and whimsical shapes of the coast, are enough to experience the sensations Salvador Dalí lived when creating his works.

In this article, Michael Turtle shows us the area deeply, analyzing every detail and relating it to the Dalí creations.

“Rocks like animals, trees like people, perhaps even clouds like melting clocks? Dali grew up in this region and as a child he would spend time along the coast. Impressions as a child led him not to become an impressionist but a surrealist. Surreal impressions? More likely surreal interpretations of these natural surroundings.”

Discover the Costa Brava, the inspiration of Salvador Dali!


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