A journey of emotions

Putri Anindya lived an unforgettable experience while starring in the seventh chapter of the documentary series ” Catalunya Experience”.

During her trip, she visited Sagrada Família accompanied by the best guide there is, Jordi Faulí, the architect responsible for the construction of the temple.

“I was about to cry of  happiness. I felt very privileged to be able to visit the works of the Sagrada Familia. I ran out of adjectives to describe such beauty “

She also flew over the city in helicopter, enjoyed the best views from the highest point of the Tibidabo and met Mag Lari, the Magician, who showed her several magic tricks with the sea and the coast of Barcelona in the background.

But her affair did not end in Barcelona, ​​her journey continued in Berguedà, where she enjoyed nature, Pedraforca and the beauty of La Patum of Berga.


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