Hanging out in the rural Catalonia

For someone so urban as Gareth, discovering the most rural Catalonia will be very exciting.

As soon as he lands in Barcelona, he will head to Osona, where Pilarín Bayés will be waiting for him to guide him through her hometown, Vic. They will stroll through the market, enjoy the tasty products of the area, and even ride in a balloon.

His adventure will continue in Bagès, where he will milk sheep for the first time in his life, will visit the swamp bell tower of Sau and will lay off his rural stay eating the typical “carquinyolis”.

In Barcelona, he will meet two of the most recognized local instagrammers and will travel in a Hispano-Suiza car towards the Sitges Vintage Car Rally.

Don’t miss out the rural side of Catalonia with Gareth!

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