The beauty of small details

Sylvia was one of the participants of the first edition of Instagram Trip organized by the Catalan Tourist Board.

During her trip, she portrayed those little details that make a place special. The ones that make it unique and differentiate it from the rest.

In her photographs you will find close-ups of the amazing shapes and colours of La Pedrera, barefoot walks in Delta de l’Ebre, or pretty pictures of poppies lost in infinite fields.

Walk Catalunya with Sylvia!

Image gallery

I ❤ Catalunya
I ❤ Catalunya - One Day left - First Fashion Shoting
I ❤ Cataluña ☀☀☀
I ❤ Catalunya ☀☀
I really ❤Catalunya - some different pics coming now
I ❤ Catalunya - golden ☀☀☀- Wish everyone a lovely Weekend❤
I ❤ Catalunya - Freixenet Bottles
I ❤ Catalunya
I ❤ Catalunya (Cataluña)
I ❤ Catalunya - Good Morning from Berlin
I ❤ @catalunyaexperience - Holy Crap- where is my mifi - ❤Thank u all for a wonderfull Time and 6 days Experience - i will Never forget this. ❤ Big hugs and kisses to @timbrado @ilarysgrill @ria @herbertschroer @chrisozer @auroramichavila @kainxs @philgonzalez @julioestrela @martaar @edofm @mery_tweety @monikaurrutia Wanna see more #catalunyaexperience
I ❤ Catalunya - this is from Yesterday - Delta de l'Ebre Natural Park - Planting Rice - Looks like this
I ❤ Catalonya - Day 5 of 6 - Visiting Esglèsies Romàniques Vall de Boi ( this Pic looks good only in b&w)
I ❤ Catalunya Day 3 of 6: visiting Castell de L'Ebre
El Delta de L'Ebre
I ❤ Catalunya -Experience - Day 4 of 6: a fantastic walk in the Mountains - the Trip with all participating Instagramers is just an fantastic Experience - Big Thanks to @catalunyaexperience @igersbcn @igerscatalonia
I ❤ Catalunya -Day 2: visit FREIXENET
I ❤ Catalonya - Day 2: #tarragona #costaDaurada
I ❤ Barcelona
#casabatllo #catalunyaexperience #barcelona

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