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The stream of Sylvia Matzkowiak’s passion goes flawlesly towards photography and travel, and her Instagram account reflects both perfectly.

It all started a few years ago when she began taking photos using her mobile phone of the various places she visited. Since then, her gallery has become a travel diary showing what she likes most about her wanderings: people, landscapes, architecture ... A very personal blog that takes us to travel through her snapshots.

Her style is fresh, full of colour and immortalizes the essence of moments in different scenarios.

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The beauty of small details

Sylvia was one of the participants of the first edition of Instagram Trip organized by the Catalan Tourist Board.

During her trip, she portrayed those little details that make a place special. The ones that make it unique and differentiate it from the rest.

In her photographs you will find close-ups of the amazing shapes and colours of La Pedrera, barefoot walks in Delta de l’Ebre, or pretty pictures of poppies lost in infinite fields.

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