The secrets of the Catalan rices

A good rice with fine Catalan wines in an incredible natural setting. In this article, Laurel shares the experience of how to cook a good Catalan paella outdoors with the chef Joan Marce Gonzalez.

“At the risk of being hunted down, I am sharing Catalonian chef Joan Marce Gonzalez secret to perfecting a paella – Catalonian style. Note to all chefs – you can’t expect to share your secrets with a bunch of travel bloggers and have them kept as secrets. Or secrets about Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Better make that any secret. Travel bloggers are notoriously bad secret keepers. But I digress. Back to Joan Marce Gonzalez. He is also the same chef that also prepared our calcots at our Catalonian Gastronomical Event.”

Learn all the secrets!



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