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Hanni Gharib is a Danish photographer who loves to travel and to capture every single detail with his camera and immortalize it.

Hanni transmits such sensibility and proximity through his pictures that manage to make you feel as if you were travelling with him.

In his gallery you’ll find astonishing landscapes, shapes, structures and memories that are captured in amazing places all around the world.

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Discover Catalonia through the eyes of Hanni Gharib

Backstage Barcelona

From the most contemporary architecture to the wilderness of the outskirts of the city.

Hanni revisited Catalonia and explored it in his own particular way. He discovered Barcelona’s hidden places, where the beauty of the city is completely different from the one that we all know and got used to. He got to those corners where the city has different light, shapes and color.

In this article, Hanni shares with us his own perspective of Barcelona and Catalonia.

Fall in love with the city as he did!


Remember when

Hanni Garib image gallery immortalizes the beauty of small instants shared with their friends in amazing scenes.

During the InstagramTrip “A Mediterranean Story”, Garib captured his particular view of Catalonia, where he shared beautiful moments with his trip mates. Hanni’s pictures are full of the warmth of sunsets, the sea and the woods. He even took the most amazing snapshots of a Fun Fair.

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