Carme Ruscalleda | Chef

One of the chefs with the most Michelin stars in the world.

Carme Ruscalleda was always attracted by the world of art and, from an early age, she discovered that gastronomy could be a unique way to express herself.

In 1988, she and her husband opened Restaurant Sant Pau, in Sant Pol de Mar, which has been awarded a large number of stars by the Michelin Guide and suns by the Campsa Guide. In 2004, she opened the doors of a replica of this restaurant in Tokyo, which has been granted more than one Michelin star and which maintains the same philosophy in terms of the ambience and cuisine on which it was based.

Moments, opened in Barcelona in 2009, is Carme Ruscalleda’s third restaurant. It has also been given awards by the Michelin Guide and her son Raül Balam is in charge of the kitchens.

Carme’s cuisine is creative and healthy and preserves the essence of the proximity to the sea and the Catalan vegetable garden.

Get to know the land of Catalonia through Carme Ruscalleda’s cuisine!

From nature to the table

The main ingredient in Carme Ruscalleda’s dishes is the nature that surrounds them and they are always seasoned with a large dollop of creativity and a sauce made of tradition and modernity. There’s no doubt they are the perfect choice for healthy, natural and very special cuisine.

She is from el Maresme and the region suffuses all her culinary creations. As she says, that’s because when you’re so familiar with the essence of your homeland, inspiration comes by closing your eyes and remembering the sensations, flavours and aromas that surround you; a setting of vegetable gardens, the sea and local culture that permeates her cooking.

Savour Catalonia with Carme Ruscalleda!


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